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Mar 22, 2011 9:00pm EDT
, as well as three u.s. states. but only switzerland allows outsiders to come in to end their lives, leading to criticism about "suicide tourism." the backlash against ludwig minelli has been especially sharp, as his 30-year campaign for the right to die has led him to take increasingly provocative positions. >> we all know that suicide happens. and when you are saying suicide should not happen, you make taboo of suicide. so, we should change the starting point of suicide prevention, saying suicide is a marvelous possibility for a human being to restore themself from a situation which is unbearable. >> do you want some chocolate? >> i'm just happy over the grapes. >> narrator: an assisted suicide through dignitas would require craig to perform the final act himself, by drinking the liquid sedative that would end his life. but he's worried that he may soon lose the ability to swallow. >> i can't take that risk. because, i mean, that's... that's really choosing to be tortured rather than to end this journey and then start the next one. >> now, a few grapes? >> that'd be nice. >> these are kind
Mar 3, 2011 9:00pm PST
to reform death investigations. currently, the u.s. government provides virtually no funding to either medical examiners or coroners. >> one of their grants was for one office to get a new refrigerator, because their current refrigerator was closed by a belt. ( laughs ) you know, that's how poorly funded. i, myself, have worked in an office where it was a converted garage with a single light dangling from the... from the... the roof. a single light bulb over my autopsy table. without the federal government having a voice for forensic pathology, we have largely been orphaned. >> bergman: los angeles county has one of the busiest and biggest offices in the country, but because they don't have the resources, they see only a fraction of fatalities. >> we deal with approximately 20,000 deaths a year, but that's only a small percentage of all the deaths in los angeles county. there's probably 60,000-70,000 deaths a year. >> bergman: so you still only see, at most, one out of three people who die in the county in a given year. >> correct. >> bergman: and, in fact, there are a lot of homicides
Mar 11, 2011 4:00am EST
joined the u.s. senate, obama and his team had created that two-year plan, and during the first year, he had kept a low profile. but in the second year, they began to raise obama's visibility. >> in 2006, he had a different strategy in his second year. and that was to be helpful to other democrats. >> narrator: the senator from illinois had national ambitions. >> this was part of the plan, was to go out and, i guess, crassly say build ious. >> and how better to sort of get the support from people in the senate than to help them? >> it is a battle about education, it is a battle about health care, it is a battle about energy, but it is also a battle about... >> narrator: and he would use the speaking engagements as an opportunity to hone his political message. >> this is the wrong war at the wrong time. every child is my child, every senior citizen deserves protection. government can help. the government can make a difference in all of our lives. >> everywhere he went, crowds were huge and enthusiastic, record crowds at all these fund- raising events. >> narrator: that summer the obama te
Mar 29, 2011 9:00pm EDT
father and said he wanted to come back to the u.s. he moved in with his dad and his second wife in oklahoma city. >> when he came back from the uk, it was like a different person, because his mother had put him in the position where he basically ran the household. >> smith: he was spoiled by his mother, is what your saying? >> spoiled rotten. >> smith: bradley didn't get along with his new stepmother. he began to argue with his father about money. he also shared with him his secret. at what point does he tell you about his homosexuality? how does that go down? >> not long after he came back from the uk, and he said, "you know, dad, you know, i just want to let you know, i'm gay." >> smith: so it surprised you when he told you? >> well, yes, it definitely... i would say i was surprised, just from a fact of, you know, someone, you know, throwing a bucket of water over your head. it was like, "oh, okay.o'g well, i didn't know that." i said, "that's your decision. it's fine." >> smith: years later, bradley claimed he was kicked out of the house for being gay. but his father says bra
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)